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Upcoming New Artist Section!!!!!

Introducing…….Anttwon “AnonymousCulture” Thames!!!!!

Anttwon “AnonymousCulture” Thames is a budding rap artist from Dallas, TX.  He is making huge waves in the dirty south.  He has sold the usuage rights to the NFL network for a song that he wrote for Deion Sanders little league team, titled “The Truth.”  Him and his production recently submitted a pool of beats to Konvict Music and Darkchild for a placement opportunity. He has already completed an album “The Intervention” which you can download for free here at  Currently, he is know pushing his new buzz single “Poster Boi” which is becoming a huge smash in the Dallas, TX area. My Review: personally, in my opinion, the song is BANANAS!! The beat, the hook, and everything is catchy.  Hopefully, the single can get the much need exposure it needs because I can guarantee you. You will love this song! Visit his site to listen to “Poster Boi” and find out more about this AMAZING up and coming rapper.


One response

  1. Lennox

    Yo i went to this cats website tonigh i stumbled across it by mistake and thats how i learned about this blog, but anyway dude got soem descent music i like that song posterboi and i also like how he tring to start a movement with the I Am A Culture.

    January 9, 2011 at 5:39 am

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