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Video: Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”


Drake gave us one of the biggest treats of the week, his visual for second single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.  The video features rapper A$AP Rocky, and features Drake and his team rescuing a damsel in distress.  The video is a mini-movie, and does not see any performance shots of Drake actually singing the song.  We love this song here at Supreme Fabulosity, the single is Drake second Top 10 single (currently #9), off of his new album Nothing Was The Same.  The album is in stores now, everyone please go pick up a PAID copy of it.  Check out the video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” down below, let us know what you think:


Nicki Minaj to underwhelm with first week sales of second album!

Nicki Minaj has been everywhere. She has done the Grammys, radio interviews, talk shows, and everything else to promote this sophomore album of hers.  According to Hits Daily Double (who tracks album sales from day of release), Nicki Minaj is expected to sell about 225,000 copies first week, and debut at #1. Now, this is amazing being that the albums are selling no where like they used to 10-15 years ago.  However, Roman Reloaded is selling about 150,000 copies LESS than Pink Friday in first week sales.  Pink Friday’s first week album sales were 375,000 (#2 debut on the Billboard 200).  Nevertheless, congrats to Nicki Minaj on her first #1 album. When she was asked about if she was worried about a sophomore jinx, this is what she told Vibe Magazine:

Hell No! This album is gonna sell so much more than ‘Pink Friday.’ Ask me this question two years from today, Clue. With me, I’m never about first week and all that. I like to look at it for the long haul. I’ma travel, I’ma meet my beautiful babies, my Barbz everywhere, and this is my first time I’m gonna get to do a world tour, so the album is gonna do its thing.”

Well Nicki, you are off to a slow start on outselling Pink Friday, but hey you never know! 

“Wait…what?!” R&B singer Christina Milian, signs with Lil Wayne’s Young Money!

In more bizarre music news, the beautiful Christina Milian signs with rapper Lil Wayne’s Young Money.  The announcement was made by Lil Wayne himself at a Pre-Grammy party event.  

“I got the beautiful Ms. Christina Milian with me tonight,” said Wayne. “Ya’ll make some noise for Ms. Christina Milian. Young Money Christina Milian!”

Christina Milian should be an interesting addition to the Young Money family. She is talented, and very pretty.  We hope that this move will give her exactly the mainstream A-List career that she is yearning for.  Her first album was released in the UK, and Japan, where in the UK it produces three Top 5 hits.  Her second album It’s About Time was released her in the US, and produced her biggest hit “Dip It Low” (#5 on the Billboard Hot 100), however, the album peaked at #14 and only sold 380,000+ copies.  Lastly, her third album So Amazin’ produced the only single “Say I”  which was also a hit, peaking at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100.  This album charted higher (#11 Billboard Top 200), but sold significantly less than the previous album.  Her last album sold only 163,000 copies in the U.S.  So hopefully this time around, we can see her get the shine that she deserves.  We are rooting for you Christina. 

He also had a moment of silence for Whitney Houston as well, check out the video down below: 

Video: Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe”

The visual for Nicki Minaj’s first single “Stupid Hoe” off of her sophomore album has finally arrived.  We will say this….it is a very colorful video. We love the beat.  Check out the video down below and let us know what you think:



Congrats! Drake’s “Take Care” album debuts at #1!

Drake has many things to celebrate this week.  His sophomore album “Take Care” is in stores and available on iTunes right now.  Also, the album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart with 631,000 copies sold in its first week.  This beats out the debut sales of his first album “Thank Me Later” which also debuted at #1 and sold 447,000 copies in its first week.  Congratulations to the Young Money artist, it looks like there is no slowing down of that camp.  This debut is the third largest debut of the year, behind Lady Gaga, and fellow Young Money member Lil Wayne.  Congrats to you Drake.  If you do not have the album, go get it in stores now.

Congrats! Lil Wayne’s “The Carter IV” debuts at #1 with almost a million copies sold!

And they say he couldn’t do it again.  Well apparently, rapper Lil Wayne silenced the naysayers with debuting at #1 with his 4th studio album “The Carter IV”.  The album sold a STAGGERING 964,000 copies in its first week.  According to, Lil Wayne’s “Carter IV” is the biggest sales week for an hip-hop album (or any set by a male artist) since his own “Carter III” debuted at #1 with 1.01 million copies sold on the June 28, 2008 chart.  “Carter IV” is also the second biggest open sales of 2011 (so far) behind Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” which sold 1.11 million in its debut week. Now many people will argue that Lil Wayne’s album should be the top-selling because Lady Gaga sold her album for 99 cent through Amazon, and Lil Wayne did not.  It was estimated that Amazon sold 440,000 downloads of Lady Gaga’s album for that $0.99 cent price.  Lil Wayne’s current single “How To Love” is his first Top 10 hit as a lead artist on the Pop charts since 2008. Congrats on all your success Lil Wayne. 

Rapper Lil Wayne in EVEN MORE tax trouble!

Supreme Fabulosity reported to you recently that Lil Wayne was in tax trouble to the tune of $1.13 million.  However, it was reported in that in December, he paid off the federal tax lien.  Now, as of last week, the IRS filed a $5.6 million tax lien against Lil Wayne with the Miami Dade County Clerk.  According to the lien, he owes incomes taxes from 2008-09.  The address on the tax bill is his $12.9 million, 15,1001 square-foot mansion on a private Miami Beach Island. SUPREME POV: Lil Wayne was quoted saying that he would like to make $50 million after taxes this year. That is his goal.  With him making money from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and now Justin Bieber (it has been reported that Bieber might sign with Young Money), this may actually happen. HOWEVER, if you keep forgetting to pay your taxes, your chances of that $50 million cash payout, might be farther in the future.