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Chilli’s new photo spread in “Today’s Black Woman” magazine!

Rozonda “Chilli’ Thomas, 39 is featured in the new issue of “Today’s Black Woman” magazine. In the pictures from the photo shoot, she looks absolutely stunning.  Chilli has told me personally that she credits are wonderful physique and flawless skin to drinking a lot of water, exercising, and eating healthy.  She has even gotten me to drink raw milk which she also credits to her great health.  Recently, Chilli and T-Boz teamed up to go on tour as TLC overseas.  Last year they stated to MTV, that a 5th studio album from TLC is in the works. In the meantime, you can catch her in “What Chilli Wants 2” which will premiere in November, and we here at Supreme Fabulosity have been granted an interview with Chilli in the near future so look out for that.  Here are a couple of photos from the shoot:


Exclusive Celebrity Interviews: More celebrity interviews confirmed!!!

We are happy to annouce that we have been granted an interview with actress Shar Jackson (Moesha, Celebrity Fit Club, etc.).  We cannot wait to talk to her about life after Moesha, working with Brandy, her current projects and much more!  Also, we have confirmed an interview with TLC’s Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, this interview will coincide with the premiere of season 2 of her hit VH-1 show “What Chilli Wants”.  We are so excited to add them to the roster of celebrities we have interview, and will interview!!!

Exclusive Interview: The Uber- talented Alonzo Lerone “Taking The Blog World By Storm”

If you are an avid Youtube user and have not seen any of Alonzo Lerone’s blog videos…where have you been??? Alonzo has been a staple on Youtube sharing his entertainment reviews, personal thoughts, and stories with the world.  At press time, Alonzo is ranked #18 out of all the millions of people that report on youtube. He has over 51,000 subscribers, and his videos have been watched a record 48 million+ times.  That is amazing.  Alonzo talks with us at Supreme Fabulosity and gives us a very candid interview. You will find out what he has been up to, why he hates the words fan & celebrity, and so much more.  Check it out below:

What made you start making youtube videos?

Alonzo Lerone:  I had the type of friends that would cancel on me the last minute, leaving me alone with nothing to do, I decided to start expressing my feelings within via youtube, before i used my account to just save music to my playlist but one boring day i realized that people talk real issh on the internet and receive feedback from all over the world, so i decided to upload a few things from dancing, acting goofy and eventually discussing my views on music and music videos.
Where are you from?

Alonzo Lerone:  I’m a military brat, so i was born in Berlin, Germany .. visited the Phillipines (where my mom is from) resided in California in my younger years to now in North Carolina.
Were you popular in highschool?

Alonzo Lerone:  Oh lawd, helllz to the nah. In fact ,lunch was my hardest subject to date. i was an outcast, i even spent my cafeteria hours with various teachers in their classroom while they graded papers..and many people might say “aw how sad” but i actually thought it was therapeutic since i had time to focus on the fundementals of life, instead of having all these “he said/she said” distractions.
You have over 51,000 subscribers, and over 48 million video hits, and are currently ranked at #18 for all time reporters on Youtube.  How that make you feel?

Alonzo Lerone:  Ummm lol. Thats how it makes me feel, because i know in 1 day it can go up to number 2 or just drop off the “charts” so i dont really think of it, im just gonna “keep on truckin”
How do you handle your celebrity ?

Alonzo Lerone:  Whoa wait.. bathroom break ..ok im back. “Celebrity” uh one of the words that just automatically sends a signal to my eye nerves and rolls them for me, i despise the word celebrity, especially at this stage in the game. because right now im a youtuber, even though i do more than what my friends say “sit in front of the camera and talk” i cherish the moments that i record and the excitement i have reading comments regarding a project that i release. 
On average, how long does it take to record and produce your videos?

Alonzo Lerone:  Hmm well it takes 10 – 20 minutes to record it, and 1 hour to edit (i edit my videos because i have a short attention span, so i release a video to my likings as if i was watching it myself and plus alot of stuff happens during “production” which is why i decided to add the bloopers so people can see why i edit) lol.
What is your favorite video you have done to date?

Alonzo Lerone:  It’s a 3 way tie! between 2 guys 1 horse reaction, All In The Family and 2010 grammy award performances review.
Do you feel there is room for everyone to be a blogger on youtube and get their 15 minutes of fame?

Alonzo Lerone:  Well first off OUCH to the 15 minutes of fame lol, and secondly, of course there is room for everyone to be a blogger or just be on youtube point blank. if people would stop acting like youtube is the american idol of the internet (which it can be seen that way) the world will be a less stressful place. People expect too much when they do something, and people get all nervous and have these butterflies in their stomach when they do their first video. my question is why? its just dam youtube. record you and your friends during a road trip, record your mom telling you a funny story and upload, bam you have your first youtube video. Stop stressing and expecting things to happen or “important” people to see it. Because like i always say “the best things happen when least expected”
Do you have any celebrity friends?

Alonzo Lerone:  Haha again. define celebrity? and ask me that question again!
What makes a great blogger ?

Alonzo Lerone:  Someone that has a point of view, someone that can handle critisizm and still maintain his/her sanity, someone that can spell good b cuz i dont even know if i spelled critisizm or maintain right, and im too tired to google. 
How important is social media in the entertainment world today?

Alonzo Lerone:  Well internet killed television, right now you can even see full episodes of your favorite tv shows on the www so it is really really big, and im talkin “majah” <– in my posh spice voice. Sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, and myspace (which i all have) are sites that connect you with the world. Many people might ask why not get rid of myspace and keep facebook?! well myspace is still growing, believe it or not, that dam Tom is constantly upgrading his shit, i just logged on to myspace, and i see that you can IM people? what!? lol so every 1 adult that leaves myspace, 2 kids sign on. (i mean not really, thats just my theory.) On top of that, many people, overseas, dont tweet, they facebook .. so because i still have facebook, i am able to stay connected with them. I love my social networks because its like having the world’s phone number at the tip of my fingers.

Are you dating anyone at the moment?

Alonzo Lerone: No
Give us 3 words that describe your personality?

Alonzo Lerone:  QWIRKY, (dont even know if thats a word, but i hear my friends say it alot when im around) RANDOM, and FIREBALL.  
What do you feel about the state of music today?

Alonzo Lerone:  Man i am kind of upset of the way the music is at today.  I wish we can go back to the 90’s maybe even 80’s when artists were talking that real ish, and gave us those beats that would make us have fun, forgetting about the troubles in our lives. Now its like if the song isnt about sex, its about breaking up with someone, if its not about that, its about drugs. right now its not about the music, its about the artist and how popular they are.
Who are some of your favorite current artists?

Alonzo Lerone:  I really dont have a favorite current artist. I really just concentrate on the music they release. My CD case has so many throwbacks and current songs.  Some days I might play Boyz II men, and on other days I might play some TLC, and days like today, I might play an artist you never even heard of lol. 
Where can your fans reach me at?

Alonzo Lerone:  Okay, lets nip that word in the Bud TODAY!!!! I truly truly do not like that word, only bcuz again, I dont feel like im currently at that stage in life where i should have fans. Its wierd when i receive an email saying “omg im your biggest fan, me and my sister watch your vids everyday.” I just dont feel right hearing “im your biggest fan” . correct me if im wrong but didnt “fan” come from the word “fanatic” umm ya #nothankx. So the people that feel me and support me can reach me at and/or just watch my videos on youtube at
What are the things you have planned for 2010 – 2011?

EEEEK I am so excited because i am moving in my first apartment, so by 2011 i should be already enjoying the independent life. So right now i cant wait to play No Scrubs by TLC in my brand new apartment bcuz thankfully i can feel right after hearing chilli say “if you live at home with your momma” woo hooo! and i really dont have anything planned, im just letting go and letting God do his work. bcuz right now im where im supposed to be and im happy where im at
Here at Supreme Fabulosity, here is your chance to give the MANY people who respect your work that one piece advice that has always stuck with you no matter.  What is that piece of advice?

Alonzo Lerone:  Wow i just said it . “LET GO AND LET GOD” dont expect too much from anyone or anything. If you felt like youve reached rock bottom, just note that your next move can only go UP from here. and always turn a negative into a positive.