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New Music: TLC “Meant To Be (MTB)”



TLC is back! They have just released their new song “Meant To Be” which was written by Neyo.  This is the first new song from TLC since 2005’s “I Bet”.  The song is the only new song featured on their retrospective album 20 which is out in stores on Oct. 15th.  The album coincides with the release of their Vh-1 biopic: Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story which premieres Oct. 21st.  Meant To Be sounds like classic TLC. The song is a heartfelt track.  It sounds as if TLC is singing all of their background vocals, and additional background vocals with Neyo. We like the track and cannot wait to hear their new full-length studio album. We are not sure if there will be a visual for the song, but at least we have new material to listen to.  TLC has been making headlines all this year.  First, they were honored by MTV Japan, Vh-1 mixtape festival, Drake brought them out during is OVO Fest, collaborating with J. Cole on a hit single, and now the movie.  Check out the song Meant To Be down below and let us know what you think:



TLC releases official tracklist/cover for anniversary album due out Oct. 15th.


It seems like it has been forever since TLC has released something in the US, and it has. The last release from TLC was 2005’s Now and Forever: The Hits. Now, 8 years later, comes TLC anniversary album 20, and here is the tracklist for the album:

Now, I am sure that TLC fans are upset at this list due to the fact that there is only one new song on the tracklist.  That song is “Meant to Be” which was written by Neyo.  However, TLC fans, DO NOT fret.  TLC has just confirmed that they are in the studio working on a full-length studio album due out in 2014.  Some of the collaborators for that album have been Lady Gaga, Drake, Neyo, Dallas Austin, and J. Cole just announced that he is also contributing to their new studio album.  We are excited about the J. Cole collaboration.  TLC’s first time collaborating with J. Cole is on his hit song “Crooked Smile” which is currently sitting at #36 on the Hot 100 (Billboard).  This is the first Top 40 hit for TLC since 2002’s “Girl Talk”.  We believe that a TLC comeback is in full effect.

Don’t forget to catch the TLC biopic on Vh-1 premiering October 21st!

Video: Jennifer Hudson & Neyo f/ Rick Ross “Think Like A Man”

Jennifer Hudson and Neyo are back with the lead single off the Think Like A Man  movie soundtrack.  The song which is the same titled as movie, “Think Like A Man”, also features rapper Rick Ross. The video premiered on February 29th, and it features Jennifer Hudson doing choreography in the video. The song has currently peaked at #52 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart. Kevin Hart also makes a cameo appearance in the music video.  The movie Think Like A Man movie is based off the best-selling Steve Harvey book and features Michael Ealy, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Chris Brown, Taraji P. Henson, Terrance J and many more. The movie comes out on April 20th. Check out the video for the lead single from this movie down below: 

Congrats!! “Red Tails” has an impressive debut (#2) at the box office!

The movie “Red Tails” which follows the story of the Tuskegee airman is to open at #2 this weekend behind “Underworld”.  The movie made an estimated $19.1 million. This exceeded past expectations for the movie.  This is a major win for the George Lucas produced film.  Lucas explained to the media, that he had a hard time getting funding for the all black cast. It has been reported that Lucas financed the movie himself.  The movie stars Terrance Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tristan Wilds, Neyo, and others.  This is what Chris Aronson, executive vice president of domestic distribution had to say:

“I believe what George Lucas has stated all along: This is an important story and a story that must be told. It is a true story of American heroism and valor and audiences have really responded to this message,” Aronson said. “People want to feel good about themselves, they want to be uplifted. We have enough hard crud going on in this country right now. Times are tough, and if we look back and are told a story of some really fantastic deeds, that’s really compelling moviegoing.” analyst Paul Dergarabedian said a grass-roots effort to get groups of people into the theaters to see “Red Tails,” along with positive word-of-mouth, helped its strong showing. The film saw an uptick from about $6 million on Friday to $8.65 on Saturday.

Once again congratulations to the cast and crew of this amazing movie, and to the original Tuskegee crew who got a chance to visit the movie and be greeted by actor Cuba Gooding Jr., in Times Square.  

Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

1. “Underworld Awakening,” $25.4 million ($13.4 million international).
2. “Red Tails,” $19.1 million.
3. “Contraband,” $12.2 million.
4. “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” $10.5 million.
5. “Haywire,” $9 million.
6. “Beauty and the Beast (3-D),” $8.6 million.
7. “Joyful Noise,” $6.1 million.
8. “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol,” $5.5 million. ($9.4 million international).
9. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” $4.8 million. ($18.1 million international).
10. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” $3.75 million ($15.7 international).


Billboard: Kanye West debuts at #1, Nicki Minaj’s impressive debut!!

This has been a great week for sales in the music industry.  This is the first time in a long time where the top 10 albums on the Billboard 200 have all sold over 100,000 copies a piece. First let’s start with Kanye West.  Kanye’s new album, “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” shot to the top of the charts selling over 518,000+ copies. This is to be considered one of Kanye’s best pieces of work.  Young Money’s most anticipated artist Nicki Minaj debuted at #2 with selling 371,ooo+ copies.  This can be considered the biggest selling debut from a female rapper in Billboard History.  Nicki Minaj is currently promoting her single “Right Thru Me”.  CONGRATS to Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj.  Other notable chart positions are as follow:

#3-Taylor Swift “Speak Now”-255,000+ copies sold

#4 Susan Boyle “The Gift”-250,000+ copies sold (about 1 million copies sold since release)

#6 Rihanna “Loud”-133,000+ copies sold (grand total so far…approx. 339,000+ sold)

#7 Justin Bieber “My Worlds Acoustic”-119,000+ copies sold (DEBUT)

#8 Neyo “Libra Scale” 117,000+ copies sold (this is impressive with no real hit single)

#10 Glee “Christmas Album” -103,000+ copies sold (DEBUT)


Congrats to all the artist mentioned!!