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TLC releases official tracklist/cover for anniversary album due out Oct. 15th.


It seems like it has been forever since TLC has released something in the US, and it has. The last release from TLC was 2005’s Now and Forever: The Hits. Now, 8 years later, comes TLC anniversary album 20, and here is the tracklist for the album:

Now, I am sure that TLC fans are upset at this list due to the fact that there is only one new song on the tracklist.  That song is “Meant to Be” which was written by Neyo.  However, TLC fans, DO NOT fret.  TLC has just confirmed that they are in the studio working on a full-length studio album due out in 2014.  Some of the collaborators for that album have been Lady Gaga, Drake, Neyo, Dallas Austin, and J. Cole just announced that he is also contributing to their new studio album.  We are excited about the J. Cole collaboration.  TLC’s first time collaborating with J. Cole is on his hit song “Crooked Smile” which is currently sitting at #36 on the Hot 100 (Billboard).  This is the first Top 40 hit for TLC since 2002’s “Girl Talk”.  We believe that a TLC comeback is in full effect.

Don’t forget to catch the TLC biopic on Vh-1 premiering October 21st!


Could Beyonce’s new single drop within the next few weeks???!!!

There has been tidbits coming out about Beyonce’s 4th studio effort in the past few weeks.  Now, one of the producers that collaborate with The Dream, Los Da Mystro said that Beyonce may have some heat coming sooner than expected. He claims that word in the music industry is that Beyonce is to drop a single sometime next month.  Los Da Mystro stated on his Twitter page (@LosDaMystro):

“Listening to new B Record that Dream wrote…F-INg INSANE! WOw!! She About to Kill the game again!!  Had to Listen Again!!  Y’all C in 3 weeks!”

He then later tweeted:

“Thats what they sayn now…But it is the music Business. could be sooner r lata.”

This is interesting because other reports stated that Beyonce’s new album is not expected to hit till the summer of 2011.  We will see! However, most of the music industry, fans, and etc. are excited and patiently waiting for what the Queen Bee has in store this go around.  There has been no official announcement of a single or anything. Stay tuned!!!!

Album Preview: Fantasia “Back To Me”

Fantasia is FINALLY gearing up to release her third studio album titled ‘Back To Me.”  We watched Fantasia record some of this album on her hit VH-1 reality show.  Personally, the album is true R&B, she sticks to a formula that is true to her, and not trying to emulate what is on radio.  Her buzz single “Even Angels” failed to captivate audiences, and her first official single is Bittersweet,” the video for the song has been filmed already. Listen to the album preview down below, and let us know what you think: