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New Music: TLC “Meant To Be (MTB)”



TLC is back! They have just released their new song “Meant To Be” which was written by Neyo.  This is the first new song from TLC since 2005’s “I Bet”.  The song is the only new song featured on their retrospective album 20 which is out in stores on Oct. 15th.  The album coincides with the release of their Vh-1 biopic: Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story which premieres Oct. 21st.  Meant To Be sounds like classic TLC. The song is a heartfelt track.  It sounds as if TLC is singing all of their background vocals, and additional background vocals with Neyo. We like the track and cannot wait to hear their new full-length studio album. We are not sure if there will be a visual for the song, but at least we have new material to listen to.  TLC has been making headlines all this year.  First, they were honored by MTV Japan, Vh-1 mixtape festival, Drake brought them out during is OVO Fest, collaborating with J. Cole on a hit single, and now the movie.  Check out the song Meant To Be down below and let us know what you think:



Nostalgic Tunes: TLC “No Scrubs”

Flashback to the year of 1999, it had been about five years since we heard a single note sung from R&B superstar group TLC.  I remember the first time I heard “No Scrubs” on the radio.  I was on a field trip to the NY Yankees game.  The first time I heard the song, I instantly fell in love with it, not knowing that it was TLC. I was used to the raspy vocals of T-Boz, so it didn’t strike me that Chilli has taken lead on a song.  The single was their first single in almost 4 years, and it was one of the biggest comeback singles of all time.  The song became TLC’s eighth Top 10 single, went to spend four weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, and was named the 2nd biggest single of 1999.  The single also propelled the sales of their third studio album “Fanmail” which stayed at #1 on the Billboard 200 for four consecutive weeks, and help the album sell over 6 million copies domestically.  Down below is the video for their smash single “No Scrubs” featuring a rap by Left-Eye which was not featured on the original release of the album:

FUN FACT: T-Boz does not sing at all on the song “No Scrubs”.  The background vocals are done by Chilli, Kandi Buruss & Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (from R&B group Xscape and who wrote “No Scrubs”), and Debra Killings.