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R&B Godmother Lil Mo (@thelilmoshow) gearing up to release ‘Diva’ single, and new tour! (Details Inside!)


Godmother of R&B, Lil Mo has made 2013, her year! After a successful stint on the R&B Divas spin off: R&B Divas: LA, she is wasting no time getting back to where we first fell in love with Lil Mo, the music. She wrote the theme song for her hit Divas show, and is a fan favorite. There are even talks about her getting her on spinoff show with TV One.  In the meantime, Lil Mo is releasing her first single in two years titled I’m A Diva.  We believe that it is an extended solo version of the song we hear in the opening credits.  The single will be released on next Wed (Sept. 11). If that isn’t enough, she has announced her first tour in years. She will be hitting the road with Ja Rule and friends. We will be attending the show in Miami.  We couldn’t be happier for her. We interviewed Lil Mo, 3 years ago, and she told us then, she wasn’t done yet. Lil Mo has had her ups and downs in the industry, and it so great to see her winning again .  We are sure that she is working on a new album, and will continue to be one of the most anointing voices in the game.  If you haven’t, check out her official website You will be able to find out all updates on her at the site.  You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @thelilmoshow.  Trust me! It is her, she has no publicist tweeting for her (LOL!), and she responds to her fans/supporters all the time.  We have listed the tour dates down below, tickets go on sale September 12th.  Please go support this tour.  Y’all know y’all still bumpin’ ‘I Cry’, ‘Put It On Me’, ‘Supawoman’, ‘4ever’,…the list goes on and on. Check out the tour info below:




Rapper Ja Rule’s two year prison sentence delayed until June

A Manhattan Supreme Court Judge granted an extension on when rapper Ja Rule has to turn himself in to start a two year prison sentence.  He was charged with attempted gun possession, and the sentenced has been delayed so that he can finish his upcoming album, work on his reality show, and settle tax issues.  Is anyone really looking forward to another Ja Rule album? We believe that this will be an instantaneous FLOP!

Rapper Ja Rule sentenced to two years in prison!

Rapper Ja Rule, 34, who was the biggest rapper in the music industry back in the early 2000s, has reached a plea deal with prosecutors pertaining to his 2007 gun possession charge here in New York City.  Ja Rule was was arrested back in July 2007 after police had initially stopped him for speeding.  According to AP, the marijuana smell gave police justifiable reasons to search Ja Rule’s $250,000 Maybach.  Ja Rule was subsequently arrested when the police found a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun in the rear driver’s side door.  Ja Rule was facing four years in prison due to stringent laws in place here in New York State.  He will only be serving two of those four years.  Keep your head up Ja Rule.

Exclusive Interview: Multi-talented R&B Singer Lil Mo’s ‘In Her Own Words’ Interview (Part.1)!!


Cynthia “Lil Mo” Loving is every bit of her last name….Loving.  Having been a major contributor to some of r&b, and rap’s biggest hits of the last decade, she has made an impressive mark in the industry.  Following her stint of being a featured artist (i.e. working with Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Ja Rule, Coko, etc), Lil Mo focused on her own solo career.  She has been in the game for 10 years, and still manages to stay on top of her grind.  With a new album in the works, hit radio show on DC’s #1 station for hip-hop and r&b 95.5 (, and more projects in the works, this is just the beginning for a veteran in the game.  Supreme Fabulosity was granted the pleasure of interviewing Lil. Mo. In the interview, Lil Mo doesn’t hold back. She let’s us know that she hasn’t missed a beat, and she is better than ever. Here is Part. 1 of the interview:

1.)  First congrats to you on the 10th anniversary of your successful career. If were given the chance to sit down with the Lil Mo from 10 years ago, what would you say to her, knowing what you know now? 

 Lil Mo: (laughter) I would say continue to stay humble and realize that you can’t help or save everyone but keep doing you and let your character keep you where your integrity leads you, deep right.

2.)  When did you fall in love with singing?

 Lil Mo: I fell in love with music before I could talk that’s as far as I can remember and I’ve been talking since I came out the womb. (laughter) But seriously I grew up in church so all I know is music and appreciation and love.

 3.)  You’ve had a great deal of success, and collaborated with some of the best.  What is your favorite past collaboration?

 Lil Mo: My favorite to date as of now is Endow Me.  Because it affected so many lives in a positive way.  But my all time favorite collaborator is of course with Fabolous.  We have an undeniable chemistry.

4.)  When in the studio, on average, on how long is the process for you to complete a song?

 Lil Mo: I try not to look at the time when concepting and completing a song. It’s all about how I feel but I will say     that I did ‘superwoman’ and ‘4ever’ in 2 hours. Owwwwwww (laughter)

5.)  With the present day industry so focused on just creating an instant hit, do you feel that there is still a need for artist development? 

 Lil Mo:  It’s need for more than development; it’s a need for artist improvement.  If your image can only take you there, your vocals, interpersonal skills and integrity have to be able to keep you there.  You feel me.

6.)  You are three albums deep and have been in the game quite some time.  Is the excitement still there to record new material after being in the game so long?

 Lil Mo: Yes, because I’m my biggest critic so I know when I step in the booth it’s an event. (laughter) But I get so excited and anxious to see what I am going to come up with and making sure I don’t repeat myself but always make sure I’m challenging myself enough to take my range, music and ministry to another level as well as my audience.

7.)  Congrats to you and your new radio show. Tell us how that came about, and where can everyone tune in at?

 Lil Mo:  Thank You.  I’ve done radio fill-ins and I had my own show 7 years ago.  So when the opportunity presented itself for me to bring the LIL MO SHOW back on the airwaves, as well as reintroduce myself to the fans I jumped at the chance.  I always find my niche and make an entrance honey. (laughter)

8.)  Will there be a new Lil Mo album, and when can we expect to hear it?

 Lil Mo:  Yes, of course.  I’m working on getting a release as we speak.  It’s some legal issues I’m dealing with at this time so when that is rectified, my album will hit the shelves.

9.)  What is your favorite song to perform?

 Lil Mo:  Mother of Your Child.  That is a very emotional song not only for myself but for women with children, it’s a testimony for anyone who has children and knows that no matter what your child’s father may feel about you he better come correct because you are and always will be the MOTHER OF HIS CHILD so he’s stuck with you for life.  Hello.

10.) Now you have a huge gay following, and by you being involved in the church, have you been criticized for embracing that community, and if so, how do you respond to the criticism? 

Lil Mo:  I get criticized by everything I do.  Thing is I don’t listen to it.  I just say Ye who is without sin, throw a stone until then set yo @ss all the way down.  There is more to live and my destiny then worrying about what people say or think.  Mother Mo don’t play with naysayers.

11.) Name three words to describe Lil Mo?


12.) Who are some of your favorite current artists that are out at press time?

 Lil Mo:  Jason Derulo, his album is so HOT.  I listen to him all the time.  I like Rihanna, and a few others.  But those names come to mind the quickest.

13.) Recently reports have said that you have ended your feud with Ja Rule? Can we expect a new collabo in the future? 

 Lil Mo:  Yes, the collabo is for his new album.  I’m not trippin off anything that happened 10 years ago.  Life is too short.  So I buried the hatchet and I’m on top of my business game.

14.) What do you think about all of the celebreality shows, and which ones are your favorites? 

 Lil Mo:  I don’t watch much TV.  I like Tiny and Toya’s show and I watch Wheel of Fortune, and Martin DVD’s.  My attention span is short and a lot of people’s lives aren’t more exciting than mine so why should I be bored by a scripted reality. Hello. (loud laughter)


Exclusive Interview w/ R&B Singer Lil Mo premieres Monday!!

If you do not know who Lil’ Mo is, than you will be educated by Supreme Fabulosity.  Lil Mo is responsible for some of Murder Inc’s biggest hits. She was featured on two of the biggest hits of Ja Rule’s career “Put It On Me”, and “I Cry”.  She has also had mainstream success on  her own. Her infectious debut single “Superwoman” featuring her long-time collaborator Fabolous, still bumps in the club.  Find out what she has been up to, in an interview she did exclusively with me here at Supreme Fabulosity. You can follow her at @lilmo4ever on Twitter.  Part. 1 of the interview premieres on Monday May 17th.  Stay Tuned!!!