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Outkast to reunite in 2014! (Details Inside)



It has been a long time since we have seen Big Boi and Andre 300 (collectively, Outkast) perform together. Well according to Diddy’s cable channel, Revolt TV, Outkast will reunite on the stage next year. The performances (at multiple festival dates) will mark Outkast’s first appearances onstage since 2004 and coincide with the 20-year anniversary of their debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

Earlier this year, Big Boi told Power 106 “We’ve been kind of discussing some things (reunion)…Once we map it out, we’ll make an announcement. But we’ll see. It’s 20 years, man … I wanna see it too, I definitely wanna see it too. Mum’s the word right now, but we gon’ see.”


Rapper Fabolous and R&B singer/Reality TV Star Ray-J fight in Las Vegas!!

According to MTV, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s triumphant win this past weekend wasn’t the only fight that rocked Sin City. Rapper Fabolous and singer Ray J reportedly got into it backstage at the Palms just before Fab was set to hit the stage. According to website Bossip, Ray J set things off when he punched the Brooklyn rapper in the face following a joke Fab made about the singer over social network Twitter.

“Nah but Floyd saying we havin a concert in my living room & the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!!” Fabolous tweeted on Sept. 17th, allegedly the center of Ray J’s beef. “Get it..? Ray J concert in the living room!! *Lil Wayne voice*”

Eyewitnesses on the scene say the fight didn’t end so well with Fabolous getting the best of Ray J who was eventually tossed from out the luxurious Palms hotel then later arrested by Las Vegas cops.

Ray J himself confirmed half of the reports, that he was kicked out of the Palms and arrested following the incident. A number of celebrities were on hand for the incident including 50 Cent, Mayweather, Diddy and comedian Kevin Hart.

Earlier this morning Ray J phoned in to New York City’s Power 105 “Breakfast Club” show with DJ Envy, Charmalagne the God and Angela Yee.

“Ni–as sayin Ray J got beat up? I’ll sock that ni–a in his face again my ni–a.” All i’m saying if you got Fabs number tell that ni–a to send a picture of his face right now.”

During the conversation with the morning hosts Ray J confirmed that his issue with Fab stemmed from a few jokes the rapper sent his way that he didn’t find quite funny. In a recent episode of HBO’s “24/7” show documenting the road to Mayweather’s fight against Ortiz, in one scene Ray J is playing the piano in the champ’s living room singing his song “One Wish.”

“Don’t disrespect me and Floyd like that” Ray J continued raging. “I play piano on that muthaf–kin piano every day, thats my big brother, ni–a we grew up together. So if you think that I just came over there and sang a song, ni–a you got me twisted. Ni–a im over there everyday.”

Following the fight Fabolous went on to perform at the palms alongside LOX rappers Jadakiss and Styles P.

Nostalgic Tunes: Mariah Carey’s “Breakdown” (1997/1998)

When I first heard the song “Breakdown”, I was in junior high school, and could not get the melody out of my head.  “Breakdown” was the released as the third single from the singer’s 1997 breakthrough 6th studio album “Butterfly”.  The song was written and produced by Carey herself, Stevie J, and Diddy.  The song was released in March of 1998.  This was the first time that Mariah Carey worked with popular Hip-Hop group at the time, Bone Thugs N Harmony.  The song was not able to chart on the main Hot 100 chart for singles, due to the rules Billboard had at the time.  However, the single managed to peak #53 on the Billboard US Hot 100 Airplay, and it also peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop songs.  TRIVIA:  “Breakdown” received a limited worldwide release because of the conflict that Carey was having with her record company Columbia Records at the time.  Columbia Records was not happy with the transition to hip-hop that her album was taking.  When she released her #1s album, she felt that “Breakdown” should have been on there.  Mariah Carey has stated in many interviews that “Breakdown” is one of her favorite songs of all time.  Take a look at the video down below, and go back in time:

WTF!!!! Justin Bieber rude to a 5 year old fan!!

According to Star Magazine, Justin “too cool to sign an autograph” Bieber was rude to a 5 year old fan that requested an autograph from him. Justin proceeded to tell the fan that it was “his day off”, and declined to sign the autograph.   He was riding his dirt bike around a resort in Georgia when Emily Carson approached him.  Emily’s mother told Justin that her daughter was five and that she adores him.  Justin proceeded to tell the girl’s mother that “he was five once too.”  SUPREME POV: Justin, get over yourself, you will not be relevant 10 years from now if you keep this up. We remember watching an MTV special where you were doing an autograph signing and you were just throwing the autographs at your fans without even acknowledging them.  Please HUMBLE YOURSELF because you wouldn’t be where you are without the fans!!!






Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Que (formely of Day 26) “Mind over Matter”

Qwanell “Que” Mosley, 21 has already been exposed to mass amounts of superstardom.  His rise to fame with Day 26 was one that had many ups and downs.  Although, he still has love for his former band members.  He is ready to take on the world one day at a time.  In early 2010, released his mixtape “Q Files” had has been receiving massive amounts of positive feedback from that project.  He talks about life, love, and his liberty to call his own shots.  Plus talks of a reality show with Dawn (Dirty Money), upcoming projects including his highly anticipated debut album. Supreme Fabulosity is so happy to present to you:  Mr. Qwanell “Que” Mosley:

1.) First of all congrats on your previous successes.  Supreme Fabulosity is grateful for being able to interview you.  Our first question to break the ice is how does it feel to finally be 21 years old?

Que: Being 21 to me you know, I’m happy, I felt like I have grown up, and I learned a lot. When you turn 21, if you can say that you have been through some things and you have learned your lesson from everything you’ve been through, then it’s a good thing.

2.) You’re from Rochester, NY for those fans that are not familiar with that area of. Where is it located in NY and how was it growing up there?

Que:  Rochester, New York is like upstate New York.  It’s like near Buffalo and Canada.  Growing up in Rochester was cool.  I went to a school called School of The Arts where I majored in acting, singing, and dancing.  Growing up there was great man, I have always been focused and I’ve always wanted to sing so, it was fun for me.  I love Rochester.

3.)You currently are a solo artist, from your experiences, how does that differ from being in a group?

 Que:  It is like a relief, it is relaxing. No offense to the other group members but I’m just so happy that now I make my own decisions. I determine my future, and outcome. I’m my own product.  If I fail, it is because of me.  When you’re in a group, usually you have to go on other people’s opinions and listen. I’m glad that I don’t have to listen to nobody else.  If I’m gonna go far it is because of all the hard work I put in.  I determine my own destiny.  That’s the best thing about being solo, you have the opportunity, especially if you are talented to really share your story and testimony of what you’ve been through.

4.) Here at Supreme Fabulosity we were fans of “Making the Band,” and honestly we didn’t like the way that you were being depicted on camera. We felt that when they were showing you having outbursts, there was more to the story then what we were getting.  How did you feel about your last season on MTB?

Que: You know what’s crazy when I saw “Making the Band”, at first I thought the same thing everybody else thought when I watched it back.  Being there and knowing what really happened, when I watched it back I was like ‘wow I can’t believe how they are trying to ruin my image and make me look like I’m this crazy black guy.’  Not to put race in it, but that’s what they made me look like this crazy guy who doesn’t have any sense, and was probably from an area who nobody taught him nothing.  They made me look like I was crazy.  Looking back at it now and being 21, I’m like ‘wow I appreciate that they make me look crazy, because if they didn’t make me look crazy, I wouldn’t know all the things I know today, I wouldn’t learn that lesson.’ So I’m glad that they make me look crazy because it shows that strength and fight in me that nobody can hold me down.  If you can get through that, you can get through anything.  That means you have self-confidence, that means that you’re a strong believer that there has to be success on the other side.  If you just keep pushing through that tunnel, tunnel vision

5.) According to sources, they are reports about you doing a reality show with Dawn (Dirty Money), any truth to those reports?

Que:  Me and Dawn were talking about doing a reality show.  They kind of got it confusing.  What happened was, we were meeting with different networks.  We had a meeting with MTV, VH-1, TV One, E! was interested, Oxygen, and we were  basically trying to find a network that would nurture us and really embrace our love.  We just don’t want to go anywhere because you know when you’re in this business, it’s all about entertainment.  We don’t want people to manipulate something that is real.  So we just been trying to find some people who really understand what our relationship is.  Once we find the right network, I think that’s when we will start filming.  We have been in talks in doing a TV show.  They were talking about the summertime or fall, but me and Dawn slowed it down.  We were like ‘wait a minute! we want our business to be right.’  We just don’t want to go anywhere because we have already been victims to the camera.  I want to go somewhere where people are gonna capture the real, and let you know what’s really going on. 

6.) We really respect and admire what Dawn and you have with each other.  Besides recording duets together, have you guys ever thought about doing an album together?

Que:  Me and Dawn? (laughs).  We talked about it in the past. 

Right now she’s in Dirty Money *shout outs to Kaleena and Dawn* Right now she is trying to do this thing with Kaleena and this Neon Flux thing.  We talked about doing in album but in the future, when we’re both successful, when she has her career, and I have my career, I think will be able to make our own decision on when we want to do that. Right now, she is in the group with Dirty Money, she’s doing her thing, they’re doing there thing, she is kind of like her own product.  We talked about doing songs together, but as far as doing an album, we ain’t doing a whole album because we have to get situated, once we get situated it will be all good.

 7.)You’ve recently released a mixtape “Q Files” tell us did you come up with the name “Q Files”, and how did this mixtape come about?

Que:  It’s crazy because I moved to DC because of the situation with Making the Band, I came here and I got surrounded by people who just fell in love with me and fell in love with my realness. I got up with Cliff Jones (SoulWord Entertainment).  They did the mixtape, they believed in me, pushed it, and got the city behind my back (DC).  We did Que Files. We came up with the names, we all wrote the songs together, and the mixtape came out hot.  People appreciate it.  You know I wasn’t trying to put out Grammy music, I wasn’ tryna put out crazy music to go #1, I was just trying to tell people ‘yo! don’t sleep!”

8.) We bump “Shake Dat” everyday here at Supreme Fabulosity like it is going out of style.  What is your favorite song on your mixtape?

Que:  My favorite song on the mixtape would have to be “Shorty’s Like A Drug” because it has that Rick Ross rock to it.  I love “Shake Dat” of course, that was the first mixtape single.  All of them man. Each song took a thought, and there was a message behind each song.  It was my opinion, it was for me to step out, and so I like all of them.  I would have to say my favorites are “Shorty’s Like A Drug”, and “Shake Dat”.

 9.) On this mixtape, you have collaborated with Dawn, friend to the website Lil Mo, and Don Juan, is there anyone that you didn’t get to collaborate with for the mixtape, that you would like to collaborate with for an upcoming album?

Que:  Yeah man! I talk to Brandy.  She was supposed to do a record with me, but I figure I’ll save that for the album.  I can’t wait to get in the studio with her. I really want to work with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Man, if I can do a record with them, I just know it will be crazy because their swag is crazy.  If I can do a record with Rick (Rick Ross), just everybody who has that swag and understands what this music is, I want to do a record with, but definitely Brandy, Jay-Z, and Beyonce.  Those are my favorites right now, and Rick Ross.

10.) Speaking of upcoming album, if you’ve started, how far are you along in recording your debut album, and when can we expect a release?

Que:  Well I’ve been recording some songs for the album.  I got like 10 of them already that I’ve taken to the label, Atlantic Records, and they love them.  So, I’m just waiting on their decision man, and they have to make a decision on what they want to do.  Once they make that decision, it’s either they are gonna release me/let me go or keep me.  If they don’t make the decision, I think somebody else gonna pick me up. 

11.) What direction are you going in for this new album?

Que:  I want my album to be like Grammy music.  I want it to be a message behind everything I sing.  I want everybody to feel every word that I’m saying.  For an example, If I sing “I Love You” for the first 20 seconds when the song comes on, I want people to feel what I have been going through.  I want people to feel my pain. So the album is gonna be like the Mary J “Real Love”, some stuff that you can relate to, so you can be like wow that’s a similar testimony.

12.)When you usually record a song, what do you lay down first the hook or the verses?

 Que:  When I start recording a song, I usually start with the verses.  It kinda comes to my head. I just start singing about different situations that I’ve experienced and it comes out.  I use God too, I sing to God.  When I say “I love you” I could be talking about God, or my girl.  I use different ways to get the message across. 

 13.) On Twitter, we always see you tweet about being in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area.  Where are some of your favorite places to visit?

Que:  I love going to LA, LA is really cool.  When I’m back in New York City, I love the city, I love the smell, and I love the fast life NYC has. Also, we went overseas to the UK, I love the UK man. They show me so much love, like overseas in Africa, and South Africa. I love going overseas, I love LA, I love New York, I love everywhere (laughs).

14.) What is the craziest fan experience you have had?

Que:  Okay I think it was over in Germany, and a fan ran in, she was so excited, she jumped up on the table, hugged me, and ripped my earring out.  Now I have a permanent scar on my ear from a fan (laughs).  She was real excited.  The security grabbed her and threw her, and I was like ‘no it’s okay.’ I was bleeding and stuff but she got a hug (laughs).

15.)Give me three words that best describe who you are?

Que:  LOVING, DETERMINED, FOCUSED individual, and I have tunnel vision.  I would say that describes me, and I have faith, I believe, and nothing is gonna hold me down. 

16.) State something that you believe your fans might not know about you.

Que:  Hmmm. What does my fans not know about me? I don’t know (laughs).  I think they pretty much know everything because I’ve been so real.  If I find out something new about myself, I’ll tell him (laughs).

17.) If you didn’t do “Making the Band,” would you have tried out for American Idol?

Que:  I actually did. When I was 13 I was so determined to get into this shit, I changed my birth certificate, my mother did.  I made it to Simon, Randy, and Paula, and they I think they knew I was too young.  Basically there were like, they didn’t think I was ready at the time, but come back.  Just to make it that far and get to the audition, because you don’t get to go to them first, you have to go through other producers to think you have potential to make it in front of them. So just to get in front of them and hear them say that, it put something inside of me to keep pushing forward

18.)What has been the defining moment of your career so far?

Que:  The defining moment of my career would have to be when I won the BET award because of year before that I was sitting in front of my TV saying I’m gonna be on 106 & Park, I’m gonna be on MTV, I’m gonna be on an MTV show, I’m gonna be on the BET stage, and I’m gonna win that award.  I told my momma that, and when I won the award, she remind me ‘Que? Do you remember last year when in you were in high school, and you said you were gonna win that award?’ So I just smiled and was like wow things that you speak into existence, when you take action, and you are going for what you envisioned in your head.

19.) Any plans to make videos for any of the songs off of your mixtape, and if so is Supreme Fabulosity invited to the set (LAUGHTER)?

Que: (laughs) Hell yeah, y’all can come! If we are gonna use some songs from the mixtape, we haven’t decided, we are just trying to be really careful right now.  It would probably be “Shake Dat” because it was the first single. So we will probably use that, and make it a bigger track.

20.) What are the projects that you have coming up that you want your fans to know about

Que:  I have a lot of surprises. I am supposed to be doing some photo shoots.  A couple of modeling agencies have been interested in me. A couple of movie people have been contacting my team members. Basically, just look for a BIG future for Que and know that Que ain’t going nowhere (laughs).  I don’t want to give to much away because I’m so excited about what God has in store for me. I’m just excited man, I can’t wait for my future. I can’t wait to see all the hard work I’ve done on stage, and the lights come on at Madison Square Garden, and people screaming.  I can’t wait to feel that moment because I worked hard for it, and I ain’t gonna stop working hard. The dream is gonna keep getting bigger, bigger, and bigger. The more you believe and the more you keep going with your vision, the more you stay a good person, true to who you are, the bigger your dream comes. 

21.) You are a very talented individual and we are highly anticipating your debut album.  Until it comes out where can fans reach you for updates on what you are currently doing?

Que:  Tell them to check my Twitter. It isn’t verified because I don’t think they think it’s me because I have changed my name three times. It’s @QUE_thafuture.  That’s my official Twitter page. That’s where I’m at right now.  If they want any information, I want them to go there because I don’t know about the other pages. If they want any information, if I’m gonna be performing anywhere, or I’m gonna be anywhere if I need your support to come out and see me, it will be posted on Twitter, and that’s the official information right there.

22.)Lastly, at Supreme Fabulosity we like to do something called Celebrity Advice. What is that one piece of advice that has stuck with you, or that has helped you, that you would like to share with your fans?

Que:  Never stop believing in yourself. It’s crazy because I get asked this question a lot of times.  My answer seems like it’s always different, but now I think I know what it is.  You never can forget who you are.  You never can forget your purpose or what God has in store for you or what you have in store that is envisioned in your head.  Never forget how much you work you put in, is how much your gonna get out of it. As long as you keep tunnel vision, you have nothing to lose, you’ve got nothing to be scared of. You are your best friend.


Celebrity Interview: Que formely of Day 26 has been confirmed!!…interview coming soon!!!