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Tamer Braxton releases “Winter Loverland” album cover!



Tamar Braxton is wasting no time capitalizing off of her newfound music success.  She just released the official album cover artwork for her new holiday album Winter Loverland. The album is supposed to hit shelves on November 11th.  Here is the tracklisting of the album below:

1. “Sleigh Ride”

2. “Santa Baby”

3. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

4. “No Gift”

5. “Away in a Manger”/”Little Drummer Boy”

6. “Merry Christmas Darling”

7. “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”

8. “She Can Have You”

9. “Silent Night”

10. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Will you be buying the album? Tamar Braxton’s current album  Love & War has currently sold after 4 weeks of release 183,000 copies.


Video: Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”


Drake gave us one of the biggest treats of the week, his visual for second single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.  The video features rapper A$AP Rocky, and features Drake and his team rescuing a damsel in distress.  The video is a mini-movie, and does not see any performance shots of Drake actually singing the song.  We love this song here at Supreme Fabulosity, the single is Drake second Top 10 single (currently #9), off of his new album Nothing Was The Same.  The album is in stores now, everyone please go pick up a PAID copy of it.  Check out the video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” down below, let us know what you think:

R&B Godmother Lil Mo (@thelilmoshow) gearing up to release ‘Diva’ single, and new tour! (Details Inside!)


Godmother of R&B, Lil Mo has made 2013, her year! After a successful stint on the R&B Divas spin off: R&B Divas: LA, she is wasting no time getting back to where we first fell in love with Lil Mo, the music. She wrote the theme song for her hit Divas show, and is a fan favorite. There are even talks about her getting her on spinoff show with TV One.  In the meantime, Lil Mo is releasing her first single in two years titled I’m A Diva.  We believe that it is an extended solo version of the song we hear in the opening credits.  The single will be released on next Wed (Sept. 11). If that isn’t enough, she has announced her first tour in years. She will be hitting the road with Ja Rule and friends. We will be attending the show in Miami.  We couldn’t be happier for her. We interviewed Lil Mo, 3 years ago, and she told us then, she wasn’t done yet. Lil Mo has had her ups and downs in the industry, and it so great to see her winning again .  We are sure that she is working on a new album, and will continue to be one of the most anointing voices in the game.  If you haven’t, check out her official website You will be able to find out all updates on her at the site.  You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram: @thelilmoshow.  Trust me! It is her, she has no publicist tweeting for her (LOL!), and she responds to her fans/supporters all the time.  We have listed the tour dates down below, tickets go on sale September 12th.  Please go support this tour.  Y’all know y’all still bumpin’ ‘I Cry’, ‘Put It On Me’, ‘Supawoman’, ‘4ever’,…the list goes on and on. Check out the tour info below:



Tamar Braxton talks motherhood and NOT loving baby at first sight!


R&B powerhouse vocalist Tamar Braxton, 36, recently gave birth to her first child.  She sat down with CocoaFab, and talked about the positive and negatives of being a mom.  She did admit that her relationship with her newborn son was NOT love at first sight.

“Logan is everything.  He is so yummy.  Immediately everything changes bust immediately you don’t fall in love, but I heard that you do but they lied.  Somebody lied.” she said.  “Just like you fall in love with a little person, its just like that.  You can fall in love with little people.  He is so yummy.”

She stated that her favorite part of part of motherhood is watching her husband, Vince interact with their son. She also stated that Vince doesn’t have any parents so watching them bond makes it even more special.  Baby Logan might make an appearance on this upcoming season of Tamar & Vince.  You get to see her finish up her album as well which is due out September 3rd. Family Braxton Values will also be coming back to television sometime in 2014.  Congratulations Tamar. As far as the album goes, we all know Tamar can SAAAAANG.   The first single released “Love & War” top the iTunes charts within hours of release. It peaked at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100, and #113 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart. The new single “The One” is out now.  


Video: Mariah Carey ft. Miguel “#Beautiful”

Mariah is back with her lead single/video from her upcoming 14th album. The name of the song is “#Beautiful”. It features Grammy-winning R&B artist Miguel. Mariah was very smart in having Miguel team up with her on this wonderful new record. We love it here at the office. So far the record is looking to be a smash hit. Her first hit in 3 years. The video premiered on American Idol and we love it. Miguel is really doing his thing. We can’t wait to see what he cooked up with Beyonce in the studio. Check out the video!!

Official Video: Drake ft. Rihanna “Take Care” (Watch Inside!)

The video has finally arrived for Drake’s fourth official single, “Take Care”.  “Take Care” is the album’s title track, and features the guest vocals of superstar, Rihanna.  The video was shot in black and white, and had been delayed for release several times, do to it being edited.  The single is the duo’s second Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The song so far has peaked at #7, and debuted at #9 without being released as an official single yet.  We love the song, and the way Drake and Rihanna play off of each other.  Check out the video down below:




Drake would love to record a duet album with Rihanna!

It is no secret that there has been some type of chemistry in and out of the studio when it comes to Drake and Rihanna.  The two have worked together on her smash #1 single ‘What’s My Name?’, and are currently gearing up for their second duet together, the hit song ‘Take Care’.  Now, Drake has gone on record to state that he would love to make an entire album with Rihanna. This is what he had to say:

“I’ve always urged her to let me come and really work on an album for her, with her.  I feel like I could do some great writing for her.  Actually the Rita Ora song that’s out right now was originally for Rihanna. I’ve got some great ideas so, you know, hopefully when the time is right she’ll send me that text or call me up and say, ‘Hey let’s get in the studio for a month and make an album’, and we can do it.”

I’m not sure about a Drake/Rihanna album.  The two of them are very overexposed, maybe if they BOTH disappeared for AT LEAST 2 years, then I can probably see it happening.  However, I’m sure whatever they decide to cook up, if it comes to fruition, it will be a monster seller.  Stay tuned!