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Artist Spotlight: Dora Martin (@weareDoraMartin)



Now, y’all know we LOVE great music, and couldn’t wait to share this talented duo with our readers.  Alternative R&B group Dora Martin (@weareDoraMartin) is making serious strides in the music industry as we speak.  Dora Martin consists of two extremely talented singer/songerwriters. They are Jermaine Riley (@Jermaine_Riley) and Cherri V. (@CherriVoncelle).  It only made sense for these two extremely talented solo artists to come together and create a supergroup.  It is very interesting how they came up with their name Dora Martin.  According to their official website (, their birth name derived from the reputations of one noteworthy “explorer” and a legendary leader who had a dream. They have been blessed already to work alongside Neyo, Jessie J, and Frank Ocean to name a few.  They just recently opened up for R&B superstar Brandy at the “Musicalize” concert. Their EP titled Coalition will be out on iTunes October 28th.  You can pre-order the EP right now. Their debut single is called “Skyline”.  You can check out the video down below:





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